In the village of Zaporozhets Sinelnikovsky district will soon begin construction of a powerful grain river elevator

The company Investment Service Ukraine continues to actively develop. To date, we have acted as co-investors in the project to build an elevator with trans-shipment to river transport. The facility will be located in the Sinelnikovsky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region. This opens up new opportunities for farmers and for the region as a whole. At the moment the investment is estimated at UAH 78 million. After the implementation of this project, new jobs will appear, and local residents will feel positive changes due to the improvement of the nearby area and the construction of new houses.

Reference: http://old.adm.dp.gov.ua/OBLADM/obldp.nsf/document.xsp?id=408D9B10E5428B80C225814C0034FC8A