Service Description

  • Development, sale and realization of land investment projects.
  • Organization and support of land tenders.
  • Division, consolidation of land parcels and assigning them a cadastral number.
  • Accompaniment when the purpose of the land is changed.
  • Provide advice on improving existing land lease agreements.
  • Preparation of land-related contracts.
  • Representation before the Land Court.


At this stage, consultations, legal analysis and examination of the circumstances of the situation, the dispute, the claims and the preliminary examination of the documentation are carried out. The subject of the dispute, several possible and desired results for the client are defined. In addition, a risk analysis is carried out in the first phase, and options for mitigating risks are identified.
Structuring of actions
Development of a legal scheme for resolving land issues, analysis of legislation, preparation of necessary documents, harmonization of legal position with client.
Enforcement of the action plan, achievement of the agreed results with the client, representation of the client’s interests in the courts, before State and local authorities and before legal and natural persons, Appeal against unlawful acts of officials.

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