Service Description

  • Advice on currency regulation and exchange control.
  • Review transactions with non-residents against foreign exchange restrictions, structuring transactions in an integrated manner, taking into account all current foreign exchange restrictions.
  • Obtaining individual licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine for carrying out currency transactions.
  • Support of registration of credits and loans from non-residents in the National Bank of Ukraine.


At this stage, there is consulting, preliminary analysis of the data, the client’s authorized capital for the existence of possible currency restrictions.
Optimization of activities
The stage at which a complex support of the client when concluding foreign economic contracts, payments and money transfers takes place. Carry out an audit of compliance with the foreign exchange law, drawing up relevant conclusions and recommendations.
Financial strategy implementation
The stage of the implementation of the client’s contracts, the procedure of liquidation, as well as the legal and financial verification of the counterparties' fulfilment of obligations.

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