Service Description

  • Creation of companies, representations of non-resident legal entities, subsidiaries of enterprises, public organizations.
  • Corporate Restructuring.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Deals M&A.
  • Privatization.
  • Licensing.
  • Corporate disputes.
  • Anti-fraud activities, protection of corporate rights and property.
  • Termination (liquidation) of legal persons.
  • Perform SWOT analysis procedure.


Setting up a business
Consultation, legal analysis, selection of the best business model, organizational and legal form, development of a clear action plan, legal assistance with the formalization of statutory capital, tax optimization.
Business protection
Comprehensive support of business during registration, liquidation, reorganization of economic activity. Representation in the courts and in State and local authorities, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Preparation, development and legal analysis of client documentation.
Income capitalization
Development of individual strategic plans for capitalization of the client’s business activities based on the results of the SWOT-analysis procedure and financial audit.

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