Service Description

  • Advice in the field of civil law and economic law.
  • Pre-trial settlement.
  • Settlement of disputes in the sphere of material, financial, property, insurance, hereditary and other legal relations.
  • Representation in the courts of first instance, appeal and cassation.
  • Resolution of labour disputes.
  • Representation of interests in matters of enforcement.
Legal analysis
At this stage, consultations, analysis and examination of the circumstances of the situation, the dispute, the claims and the preliminary examination of the documentation are carried out. The subject of the dispute, several possible and desired results for the client are defined. In addition, a risk analysis is carried out in the first phase, and options for mitigating risks are identified.
Optimizing action
Definition and approval of the legal position, agreement with the client, preparation of procedural documents, negotiations with the parties. Legal support of cases.
At this final stage, our lawyers will comprehensively monitor and carry out all necessary legal actions aimed at the execution of court decisions, as well as the rights and obligations of the client, in order to completely eliminate legal risks and undesirable consequences.

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