Service Description

  • Advising and defending clients’ interests in criminal proceedings.
  • Representation of clients’ interests at all stages of criminal proceedings, including complaints about actions (omissions) of investigative bodies (inquiry), appeals against court-ordered verdicts and other judicial acts.
  • Appeals against seizure decisions.
  • Appeals against decisions of investigative bodies and decisions of the court to impose a preventive measure.
  • Ensuring asset recovery and recovery.
  • Representation and protection of the client during tax checks.


Representation and advocacy
Our attorneys have more than 7 years experience in defending individuals and legal entities at all stages of criminal proceedings, pre-trial investigations, as well as in protecting rights and legitimate interests during searches, in cooperation with State and local authorities and law enforcement agencies.
Asset protection
With us your business is protected from unauthorized, illegal actions by law enforcement and tax authorities.
Legal equivalence
Our lawyers and financial specialists have the knowledge, experience and long-standing practice of minimizing the legal and reputational risks of the company arising from the violation of professional and ethical standards.

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