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Tatiana Zaporozhets attended the Kiev Investment Forum

On November 27, the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center will host the annual Investment Forum of the city of Kiev: Your way to innovations, which will bring together innovators, inventors in science and business. Over the three years of its existence, the Investment Forum has already become a large-scale platform for joint projects of the city authorities, the business community and the public sector.

The main topic of this meeting will be innovation. The participants will unite for the future development and attraction of investments for the city’s needs in the following issues:
• Ecosystem of innovations: education – science – business. Commercialization of innovations and technology transfer.
• What does the city offer to innovators and inventors? State and municipal programs in Ukraine.
• Financial instruments for innovation: what does the commercial sector offer? Risks and benefits for the investor.
• Investing in innovation through the eyes of an investor.
• Made in UA: cases from Ukraine.


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