ISU - Success without borders


However, Arca Capital Bohemia a.s.  ISU has joint projects in the field of venture capital in Central and Eastern Europe. Partnership Arca Capital Bohemia a.s. ISU has been used successfully in attracting and servicing of industrial investment in the Ukrainian economy.

State Specialized Enterprise «Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant»

Company ISU conducts joint activities with SSE «Chornobyl NPP» on implementation on the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant investment projects aimed at decommissioning of Chernobyl nuclear plant and the transformation of «Shelter» installation into an ecologically safe system, the introduction of innovative ways of investment, technical and technological modernization, introduction of modern energy-saving technologies, reduction of pollution and transition to new standards of environmental protection and resource conservation, reducing the cost for the state budget of Ukraine.


Synelnykovskiy Concrete Plant «Nicol Industry» (Ukrainian-Czech joint venture)

ISU services: Implementation of corporate restructuring, legal audit, foreign investment enticement. Legal support of business activity.

LLC «Zernorpom-Agro»

ISU services: ISU investment in the project. Legal support of land issues and economic activity.

LLC «Obukhivskiy ventilation plant»

ISU services: Judicial protection of company interests.

LLC «Ukrainian-Polish enterprise with foreign investments«UPE» – - roads, bridges.

ISU successfully accompany investment in the company, provides financial, corporate and legal support of the client.

«ECHTAR GROUP» Universal Projects – European company specializing in the export / import transactions of goods to the Middle East, investment in construction, medicine, heavy industry, fire protection system and others.

ISU acts as a reliable partner in the legal service of industrial and trader of the company.

Road Service in Dnipropetrovsk region

ISU provides counseling and support in litigation in the most complex legal issues.

LLC «Dniprooliya»

ISU acts as a reliable partner in the legal service of industrial and trader of the company.

LLC «Eurobud»

ISU provides analytics and advising the client on attracting foreign investment and their subsequent maintenance. In addition, ISU provides legal support ongoing business customer.