ISU - Success without borders

Law firm within Investment Service's Ukraine, LLC (ISU) provides the comprehensive support of enterprise activities in all legal matters arising in the course of its business. The presence of narrow-purposed experts, distributed on practice allows covering all possible areas of the business legal support and providing better service to the client. The experts working in our company, have a considerable experience in conducting economic and administrative affairs, settlements of corporate disputes, mediation, accompanying client in a criminal proceeding. As a result of this, we are able to more quickly find a way out of non-standard situations and successfully solve problems that might occur.

Legal services

  • Provision of written and oral advice, preparation of the explanations, conclusions on legal issues;
  • Compilation, validation and legal analysis of contracts, constituent documents, internal documents;
  • Writing down letters, requests, claims, complaints, responses to requests, newsletters, including in government and local self-government authorities;
  • Client representation in government bodies, local self-government authorities;
  • Client representation during inspections by regulatory authorities and law enforcement authorities;
  • Legal support of negotiations, transactions, checking the goodwill of the future counterparties under the contracts, the provision of advice on their integrity;
  • Assessment of judicial perspective of the case and making of the recommendations;
  • Complaints handling and preparation of the recommendations;
  • Clients representation in courts;
  • Full support of the client in criminal proceedings.