ISU - Success without borders


  • Mandatory;
  • On initiative;
  • Verification of tax accounting;
  • Examination of the financial statements;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the internal control systems
  • Evaluation of the accounting system reliability


2. Accounting Services

  • Development and preparation of accounting policies;
  • Formulation of the accounting and the internal control systems;
  • Accounting (outsourcing);
  • Restoration of accounting;
  • Preparation and submission of the financial and tax reporting;
  • Training and consulting on 1C 7.7, 8.2 1C, 1C 8.3, including in an individual mode.


3. Economic Expertise/Financial Systems Consulting

  • Audit of the financial and economic activity of the customer - providing oral and written consultations, preparation of the analytical reports on the organization and management of accounting, financial reporting, budgeting and taxation;
  • Preparation of the reporting financial information in accordance with the requirements of the parent company;
  • Preparation of the consolidated and joint accounts;
  • Formation of consolidated and analytical information on the economic activities of the enterprise.


4. Implementation of Agreed Procedures

  • Participation in the inventory of assets and liabilities;
  • Planning and budgeting of the financial flows;
  • Analysis of procurement and budgeting;
  • Performing other accounting, control and analytical work by order of the customer.